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Proposal Project

Iva Haddad



My name is Iva Haddad, and my topic about Swimming.   A title for the site is Swim for your health.


My audience are all ages and different educational levels. Also, people who suffer from heart diseases and many other health problems such as cardiovascular system, joints and muscles problems.


I am creating this site for myself to get more information about swimming benefits for the health, because I don't know how to swim. I am not creating it for business or club. I am going to do more research about swimming to see the benefits I can get from it.

 Site Goals:

I am hopping to accomplish different sites and images. Also, different sources other than the internet Magazines, books. Bright background and helpful images and pictures.


Some contents I like to include in my site.Introduction of benefits of swimming, page two swimming offers refreshing workout, page three how swimming increase cardiovascular system's capacity, page four swimming helps to ease arthritis pain, page five it helps to reduces total body fat, and finally in page six the conclusion. Also, it going to includes some images such as pictures for swimming pools, swimmers. Also, it's going to include some images such as, go back, or open door, or home buttons and other icons, such as bullets.


The goals of my site is to see the benefits of swimming other than exercise because I am afraid from swimming and I want to get more information to encourage me. Also, it should be bright and fun site not series and complicated because it's not for business.

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