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The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the word "leaving" is Jordan. It was a very hard decision when my family decided to leave Jordan and immigrate to the United States. I left everything in Jordan behind: my lover, my friends, my relatives, my neighbors, and my studies at the University of Jordan. It was very hard for me to leave the country where I was born and raised for twenty year. I was afraid of the new life in America and how it could be, but I had to immigrate with my family and I couldn’t live by myself there. I said good bye to everyone there and the tears dropped like river from my eyes. It was a very hard moment. It was hard to leave the things I loved and was used to there. But I had no choice and the decision was with my father. I still remember that day -- November 14, 1995. All my friends, my relatives, and my neighbors came to my house to say good bye to me and all of us were crying because I felt that I was not going to see them again. My heart broke when I said bye to the man I loved, and it was my hardest moment. I remember only him coming up with me to the airplane, crying and saying "Write to me and call me. Don’t forget me." I also remember that my best friend couldn’t come to say good bye because it was very hard for her and me. The most painful thing of all, I discovered, is to leave someone or something you love.

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