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Welcome To The Neighborhood Restaurant


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I think when you go out to a restaurant you should get what you order and here  you will!

Yes, din
ning is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, however, if it is not then, you haven’t been coming to the Neighborhood Restaurant. After spending time in the Neighborhood Restaurant, you’ll want to come back for more. Too many of our chefs cater to refine or develop tastes of their customers.

Our food does not mean just Ragu's Marinara sauce! Our fine restaurant will often change the mood of the individual that walks in stressed.

Some of the things that you will love there are Candle light or lamps on the table, white linen table cloths, real silver, very private banquettes and chairs - the ones with high backs and tables the waiter pushes in for you. You can only see forward, and no one is sitting in front of you. Really romantic! In additions to this we have appetizers that are just that - small enough for a taste, not a main course.

We also have surprise treats. At the end of the meal, after having been teased all evening by the server wheeling the desert trolley, a cake will be brought out to you by the desert server, a multi-layered sponge cake with chocolate frosting (No charge for it!).

I know it sounds schlocky. By the way, I had never been there before. Also, Tipping is at the discretion of the customer, it's not a right.

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