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                    Swimming offers refreshing workout




Pool exercise offers refreshing workouts that help participants to maintain adequate flexibility more easily than with land based programs.

swimming is a perfect water workoutThe water supports the body while providing a head-to-toe workout that puts joints through their full range of motion. Dr. Ronald W. Davidson, a New York City general practitioner, says, "Swimming is a non weight-bearing sport. You can actually move your arms and legs without the problem of gravity. You can move extremities, your back and so forth, even if they’re inflamed, and not suffer the aftermath of trying to do the same thing on land" (Charles 32).

For variety, swimmers can do water aerobics.

swimming refresh youAerobics classes in the water instead of a gym work well. They are conducted under the supervision of instructors at many YMCAs and health clubs and can accom.modate people with varying degrees of fitness and will burn about as many calories per minute as traditional aerobics. These factors can make workouts more fun and even improve swim technique. It is not essential that your stroke be perfect, but the more technically correct it is, the better the workout you will get.
There are aerobic benefits, which include water walking or jogging, as well as stretching exercises to condition muscles and prevent them from cramping.

"Water aerobics are offered at YMCAs, YWCAs, community centers, and private health clubs. Many land-based exercises are also readily adaptable to the pool. You can try water walking or running, either in shallow water or in deep water wearing a flotation device" (Hittner 28).

Water walking while swinging the arms works the heart muscle as well as muscles in the arms and legs, and can burn as many calories per minute as swimming.

In the water, you can breathe more efficiently at rest and while exercising. You will take slower, deeper breaths.

No more embarrassing huffing or puffing that occurs when climbing stairs or hurrying to class and other appointments! These changes in respiratory rate and depth reflect an improved endurance of your respiratory muscles, an increased flexibility of your bronchial tubes, and an increase in usable lung space and that helps to reduce suffering from emphysema and other breathing disorders. So water workouts can be just as intense as those done on land can. Unlike land, however, water is easy on the joints and the risk of injury is low.

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