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I am from Jordan, and I have been in the United States for almost three years. I am single and I live with my family. I have three brothers and one sister lives in Jordan with her husband. Immigrating from Jordan to the United States caused many changes in my life and my family's. The reason for our immigration was to find a better life. In America, there were more opportunities, such as jobs with better salaries, and more academic majors to choose from. little did I know that moving to the United States would affect my personality, change my social life, and test the bonds of my family.

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It was a very hard decision when my family decided to leave Jordan and immigrate to the United States.

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I finished two years in the University of Jordan in engineering. When I came to the United States, I studied Business and Computer through ROP program for one year, and I got a certificate in that. Then I joined Cuyamaca College to study computer (software program). I have one more semester to graduate.

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My leisure interests are going to parties, dancing, and listening to music. I also like to read and write poetry. I enjoy making new friednds and going to movies or shopping with them. I also like to go on picnics with my family; it brings me great joy. Having weekend outings and picnicking are simple things that are the highlights of my life. I enjoy cooking sometimes, and I do have talents such as poetry writing and singing. In addition, I like to exercise and walk. I also like to spend sometime by myself reading the Bible.

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My most important goal is to finish college, then transfer to San Diego state University. Finding a  good job with better salary is an important goal to me. I am very interested in a clerical worker, science professional, or in a science skilled position, although I like math and chemistry, and I like working with computers a lot. I would like to be a Translator. It would be so wonderful for my dreams of being an interpreter to come true. I believe in my qualities as a bilingual (in both Arabic and English languages), as well as in my speed and accuracy, which will help me with this career. cat.gif (9569 bytes)


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Revised March 8, 1999

by Iva Haddad,

for CIS 212, Cuyamaca College